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 South Bay

  CATHOLIC-JEWISH women's dialogue
Past Conferences

2017 Social Justice: Shared Heritage, Common Calling

Speakers:  Cambria Smith Tortorelli, Parish Life Director, Holy Family Catholic Church, Pasadena, CA

                  Rabbi Ronit Tsadok, IKAR Justice Initiative

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2018 Living Your Faith in a Secular World: Challenges & Rewards

Speakers:  Rabbi Leah Lewis, Temple Menorah, Redondo Beach, CA

                  Sr. Edith Prendergast, RSC, Religious Sister of Charity

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2019 Women Evolving in Our Two Faith Traditions:

Speakers:  Rabbi Dr. Rachel Adler, Professor, Hebrew Union College, LA, CA

                  Sr. Tracey Sharp SCRH, Sisters of Charity Community Vocation Director, Rolling Hills, CA

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from Biblical Times to the Present

2020 Faith Rituals & Celebrations: A Women's Significance

Speakers:  Janet Sullivan Whitaker, Sacred Music Artist, Hayward, California

                  Rabbi Kassi Kail, Temple Beth El, San Pedro, CA

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2022 What I Learned Through The Pandemic: Faith in

Challenging Times

Speakers:  Rabbi Karen L Fox, Instructor of Practical Rabbinics at HUC-JIR's Skirball Campus, LA, CA

                 Claire Henning D. Min, Parish Catalyst Founder

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2023 Faith Communities:  Are All Welcome?  Is there really a place for everyone?

Speakers:  ValLimar Jansen, Highly regarded singer, composer, and recording artist

                  Kyomi Kowalski, Social Justice Advocate

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2024 Are You There G-d? It's Me.  My Relationship with God.

Speakers:  Rabbi Rebecca Yussman, Temple Menorah Rabbi and educator

                  Anne Hansen, Director of Ignantians West

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